Scholarship Winners: 2019 (click on names for photos and bios)
Jacob CottonMichelle Diaz HernandezCharlize WolfTommy Yarbrough
continuing scholarships: Carisa Hilton - Daniel Zin - Summer Slough

Scholarship Winners: 2018
Brandon Dee, Thomas Goya, Taylor deGuzman, Kendall Kolb and Lennon Yorke
continuing scholarships: Carisa Hilton - Daniel Zin - Summer Slough

Scholarship Winners:  2017
Summer Slough, Jose Casarrubias, Daniel Zin, Daniela Jimenez, Carmen Gonzalez, Brianna Wintner
continuing scholarships: Oscar Molina and Carisa Hilton

Scholarships Winners: 2016  ("click" on their names for bios)
Joey Arnold - Jesus Oleo Estevez - Carisa Hilton - Oscar Molina - Melissa Sanchez - Nicole Tabarez
continuing scholarships: Rachael Camara (continuing at Miramar) - David Venegass (transferring to  Regis University, Boston)

Scholarship Winners: 2015
Rachel Camara (Westview HS) - Autry Hailey (Mission Hills HS) - Roberto (Robbie) Olea Estevez  (San Marcos HS) - Nancy Moreno (Mission Hills HS) 
continuing scholarship: (with excellent effort and grades) David Venega (Miramar College)

Scholarship Winners: 2014
David Venagas (Orange Glen HS) - Fredy Yovani Cedillo Martinez (Poway HS) - Linnea Bell (Mt. Carmel HS) - Bronte Brillantes (Mt. Carmel HS) - Juliana Inglese (Mt. Carmel HS) - Chris Szarek (Westview HS)

Scholarship Winners: 2013 
Efren Mora (Orange Glen H.S.) - Sidney Hernandez (San Pasqual H.S.) - Amy Hanifan (San Marcos H.S.) -Josh Lange (Mt. Carmel H.S.) - Conner Christofferson (San Pasqual H.S.) - Jason Robinson (Westview H.S)

Scholarship Winners: 2012
Jonathon Perez(Mt. Carmel H.S.)
Reed Brown(Rancho Bernardo H.S.)

Scholarship Winners: 2010
Alex Henry, Vaqueros (Poway High) 
John Shaughnessy, Vaqueros (Rancho Bernardo High) 
Mario Ramirez, Vaqueros (Orange Glen High) 
Ryan Inghilterra PQ Express (Westview High)

Scholarship Winners: 2009
Jordan Dial, Vaqueros (Poway High)  
Andrew Vu, Vaqueros (Poway High) 
Stephen Posa, PQ Express (Mt. Carmel High) 
Mikey Cuaresma PQ Express (Mt. Carmel) 

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April 2010 - PQ Soccer Player:
Ryan Inghilterra with his family and Garons. 

March 2009 - 
Poway Scholarship Winners: 
Jordan Dial and Andrew Vu.
Left to right: Amy Hanifan, Sidney Hernandez, Colin Garon, Josh Lange and Efren Mora. 
June 2010:
Poway Scholarship Winners:
(left to right)
Alex Henry, Mario Ramirez
John Shaughnessy 

Gregg's Goals 

Our featured Scholarship Winner (2010) - Mario Ramirez

Mario Ramirez is one of the 2010 Gregg Garon Scholarship recipients. Mario was born and raised right here in Escondido – attending Pioneer Elementary, Hidden Valley Middle School and Orange Glen High School. Mario grew up speaking Spanish at home, but quickly learned English when he entered school. He was a motivated student. .as his parents wanted him to be the first in the family to attend college and have a career focus, while he wanted to be a role model for his two younger brothers. 

After high school, he attended Palomar Community College, where the Gregg Garon Scholarship helped him buy books and other needed supplies. By mid-semester, the Humboldt State coaches wanted a closer look, and after watching him work out with the team in Arcata . .. they knew they wanted him as a Lumberjack.

Mario has played organized soccer since he was 8 years old and has played with the Del Mar Sharks and Poway Vaqueros. He also played a key role on the CIF winning Orange Glen High School. Mario has played many positions, including sweeper and center midfield but now plays fullback. Mario’s coaches praise his team leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm for the game. 

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Clic Jonathon Perez - 2012 Scholarship Winners.
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