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The 2016 fundraiser, Back to the 80s,  will be held March 19 at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista.
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Our Mission is to serve young people involved in soccer, and organizations that support them. The reason for this focus is based on Gregg’s love for the game, and also in the belief that soccer is the ultimate team game, where values of loyalty, hard work, skill and teamwork are taught. Gregg's Goals aims to help young people stay focused on their future and meet their educational goals. .

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"Gregg's Goals" is a non-profit organization, giving scholarships and supporting soccer and youth development in the name of Gregg Garon. "Gregg's Goals" IS a 501c3 Nonprofit Public Charity . Tax I.D. number, available upon request.
Gregg's Goals

Privacy Policy: Gregg's Goals does not collect information from site visitors, such as e-mails or other identifiers. We do not share any information from site visitors or scholarship applicants with other organizations. Information about scholarship winners is only shared on this site or with media with expressed permission from applicant and/or parents or guardians. .
Donations accepted via PayPal  - see link, upper right. (Please send an e-mail to: wwggd68@yahoo.com to let us know that it is a donation and your name (so we canTHANK YOU!)