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(formerly the Gregg Garon Scholarship Fund)

Gregg’s Goals has been awarding scholarships to help deserving (soccer playing) young people in northern San Diego County continue their educations beyond high school since 2009 and given out over $105,000 in scholarships. Soccer (football) often described as “The beautiful game” is played by millions of people the world over. Because of Gregg’s love for the game we have targeted soccer players for our scholarship. Knowing that only the very top players will receive athletic scholarships for the sport, we have dedicated our search to players who exemplify the kind of 'heart' that would make Gregg proud.

 For many of our awardees, soccer is an outlet or escape from family problems, absent parents, poverty and even gangs. They can release emotions playing the game. They have to keep their grades up to play in high school. It gives them a positive peer group and a way to expend their youthful energy. Many of them give back by coaching younger players or doing community service. 

So, the beautiful game becomes more than the game itself, it has helped these young people find a path to their future. We are proud and pleased to be able to help them along their path!

Additionally, we have began renewing the scholarships for selected recipients who are the first in their family to attend college. Statistically, these students are most likely to drop out and we are determined to invest in their continued success. Read their bios to learn more about these great young people!

In addition to our formal annual fundraisers we appreciate any donations you might want to make throughout the year! (see our "How to Help" page)

With your support, we hope to be able to provide scholarships for even more young men and women, to encourage them to continue their education after high school. 
Remember, we are a completely volunteer organization with virtually no overhead!

We plan to grant scholarships each year, and hope you will remain interested in our efforts to keep Gregg’s name alive through these efforts. 

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Weekends - take your chances, as we may be out at soccer games or car events. 

​Privacy Policy: Gregg's Goals does not collect information from site visitors, such as e-mails or other identifiers. We do not share any information from site visitors or scholarship applicants with other organizations. Information about scholarship winners is only shared on this site or with media with expressed permission from applicant and/or parents or guardians. 

Gregg's Goals

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Making a difference in memory of Gregg Garon

"Gregg's Goals" is a non-profit organization, giving scholarships and supporting soccer and youth development in the name of Gregg Garon. "Gregg's Goals" IS a 501c3 Nonprofit Public Charity . Tax I.D. number, available upon request.